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Charlotte Harvs | Personal Style Blog

Rocket Ronnie

Me and Tom have been toying with the idea of getting a puppy for a long while now. We put it off because if I was going to be a dog-mum, I wanted to be the best dog-mum and I wasn't sure if I would be. I think the reason I wasn't sure was because of what happened to the dog I had growing up. When I was younger, my mother bought a chocolate Labrador puppy and we called her Macie.

As Macie grew up we knew something wasn't quite right with her health-wise as she always stayed so slim and didn't put on weight even though she ate so much. Soon she was looking pretty skinny but the vets said she was just on the cusp of still being a healthy weight. Then she started biting and itching herself a lot despite not having fleas. She chewed at her own skin so much and it was turning scabby and she got an infection under her chin.

We spent hundreds at the vets trying to figure out what's wrong and in the end the vet said she had a mild allergy to dust mites, but then she was highly allergic to what her body produced to fight the allergy - so she was basically allergic to herself. We tried bathing her and steroids and things got a little more comfortable for her but not enough. Then she started getting lumps on her belly, the vet said they weren't cancerous at the time. Anyway, after lots of money and time spent on trying to make Macie better, my mum decided she couldn't look after her any more. (I am one of five and my two youngest siblings were still so young at the time.)

As Macie was a pedigree, a Labrador rescue centre took her in and fostered her. They sent us a photo after a while and said she was looking much better after more treatment. They had gone ahead and removed the lumps which did turn out to be tumours. All in all, our family did the right thing. I was at Uni at the time and couldn't take her in and Macie deserved to be with people who could spend the time and money on her.

So you can see why I would be hesitant on getting a new puppy. I want to be in a place where I know I will never have to rehome a dog ever again - dogs are a lifetime commitment and my family shouldn't have gotten one if they couldn't keep to that. My heart goes out to all the abandoned dogs in the rescue homes which is one of the reasons I knew if I were to get a dog, it would be a rescue dog. The other reason is that, as I'm older and the light has been shone on dog breeding more and more over the past years, I've questioned Macie's origins and think that maybe we bought her from some well disguised puppy farmers which could be why she ended up with such bad health issues.

So we weren't 100% set on getting a puppy. Yet sometimes life throws you curve balls. I was talking about puppies with my friend on facebook chat when I got a message off Tom who said that one of his clients had a puppy who was found abandoned on the street. His client had taken the puppy to the vets and he was in very good health and they guessed was around 8 weeks old. We met the little man and I just knew that I had to have him or nobody else would and he would be off to the shelter. At only 8 weeks old and unvaccinated, he would pick up all sorts of things from the shelter and he wouldn't be off to the best start in life after already being abandoned so young!

We didn't "pounce" on getting a puppy, it's something we've thought long and hard about, but when we saw this little man in need, we couldn't say no. The world had bought him to us after all ;) I'm sure my over-cautiousness can only mean that I care so much about being a good dog-mum which can't be a bad thing! Little Ronnie isn't always the easiest pup, he gets pretty hyper and hasn't got the hang of not biting me yet! But he's on his way. He's a clever little thing and is already getting the hang of sit, paw, lie down and fetch. Potty training is tiring but day by day Ronnie is slowly getting better.

Puppies require a lot of time and patience - especially this live wire! At the moment he sleeps in the spare room because there isn't much in there so he can't get in too much trouble. I put him up there during the day for a few hours so he doesn't get separation anxiety. He's actually so good at being alone and doesn't cry at night either which can be a big problem for some dogs. He just wakes me up early playing with his toys. We're thinking of crate training him which I know he's not going to be a fan of but I'm going to start very slowly, hopefully this will help with the potty training business too!

So yes, Ronnie is 100% most likely the reason I've not blogged since we got him a week ago. Also I can't really wear any nice clothes at the moment, the other day I wore my new tshirt and now it has a hole in it. Oh the joys! He is definitely worth it though and I can't wait to spend the next 15 or so years with him! I went out the other night to the pub and I think I am the one with separation anxiety from him as I couldn't wait to get back to see him :D

Don't confuse getting noticed with being seen

OUTFIT// Sleeveless Jacket

Primark Sleeveless Jacket | ASOS Grey Tshirt | ASOS Lisbon Jeans | Primark Slip-on Trainers

I got my new grey tee in the post the other day so I decided to create a really simple outfit around it. I've been reaching for plain tshirts and my jeans more and more these days. My style has always been fairly simple, but now I seem to be sticking to what you'd call basics I guess. I still like to always throw in that extra thing though, like this sleeveless jacket or these silver slip-on trainers, to make it just a little bit less basic. Plus, adding a bit of lipstick and some sunglasses always helps.


My Top Picks: Missguided

Like a lot of people at the moment I'm loving khaki and other earthy tones. I'm also opting for basic tshirts more and more and have yet to add a khaki tee to my collection. I never bought into the duster coat trend, but I'm really loving the look of this duster cardigan. Next up the mesh dress - I wouldn't wear this like the model has, I'd probably wear a bodycon skirt and a crop top underneath instead as I don't think I'd feel comfortable showing the world my undies. 

I adore this faux fur coat, it's just dreamy, but I already have a faux fur coat so don't know if I can justify another one as they aren't cheap. In the middle here we have a fabulous looking dress which I think would be perfect for the xmas party season! Finally, this kimono style cardigan looks just sooo comfy and I love the slouchy look.

If you were me, which of these would you order?


Roads that go nowhere

OUTFIT// Shearling Knit Jacket

I went shopping the other day for winter pyjamas and came home with this knitted jacket from Zara. I fell in love with it straight away which is something that rarely happens with me and clothes these days! It's super comfy and warm, plus can be layered underneath other jackets when it gets colder.


Your value doesn't decrease on someone's inability to see your worth

OUTFIT// Khaki Cropped Jumper & Men's Jeans

H&M Cropped Khaki Ribbed Jumper | Jack & Jones Men's Jeans | Vty trainers

First outfit post in over a month and I'm wearing the same jumper as last time... fail. I am wearing new trainers and different jeans though ;) which are another pair of men's jeans by the way. The most authentic form of boyfriend jeans I have to say. I mean come on, what is not to love about men's jeans? First off, the pockets are HUGE. I can pretty much fit my whole arm into the pockets on these... 

Last night was mine and Tom's traditional "Thai Take Away and Walking Dead" night. If you've watched last nights episode or not, all I'm gonna say is that I hold a glimmer of hope that things didn't actually happen how they looked like they happened.

Two of our friends here own a bar, so on Sunday we went round for a sunday roast, few games of pool and a couple of ciders. Last Thursday we went into Palma with some other friends so Tom could partake in a "killer pool" competition and there was of course cider as well. Hmm and I think that's pretty much been it for last week. Gonna go shopping this week, I want to get some new winter pyjamas :D


A/W Wishlist

one | two | threefour

What A/W wishlist wouldn't be complete without a new jacket, some knitwear and a pair of ankle boots?!

For my a/w jacket this year, I'm really feeling something suede with a shearling collar and this jacket from Esprit looks perfect, so warm and cosy. Next up for knitwear I'm craving something in a camel shade and I find that thinner knits are much more flattering on me (also I adore the ribbed textures that are about at the moment) so this one from Forever 21 is something I've got my eye on. Moving onto accessories, I feel like I've got enough scarves, but only one fedora which is in black so I quite fancy a fedora in olive. Finally, I really want to invest in a new pair of boots this season and I've being eyeing up snake print boots for a good while now. (However I also adore every single pair of boots in this post too - so many amazing prints/colours/textures out at the moment!)


Blogging breaks, personality tests, career changes & blogging as an easy career?

I haven't posted on this ol' blog here for a little while just because I've not really been feeling it. I tried taking some outfit photos a couple weeks ago but I wasn't feeling the results so I just decided not to post them if I wasn't happy with them. Instead of blogging, in my free time I've watched season 10 of Supernatural and season 1-3 of Orange is the New Black... so yeh I've been very productive aha...

I'm sure I will get back into posting again. I mean I've been blogging my outfits/life for like 5 years now and there have been plenty of times I've took a long break only to fall back in love with blogging and post three times a week for months straight after. 

At the moment I'm feeling a change in direction with my overall life plans. It won't happen yet because my options are limited here in Mallorca and I love the island life too much to leave it behind anytime soon. However I've decided a plan of action for when we move back to the UK, which could be next year, in three years or maybe 10 - who knows. Anyway, I've decided that when I move back to the UK I want to go back to college/university. I've already got a degree in Philosophy, but this time I want to study Counselling. 

When I've moved on from this current stage in my life, a career in counselling is something that I am aspiring towards. I've always struggled with finding that one thing in my life that I want to do. I know a lot of people have this trouble as well - so yes I know I'm such a cliche twenty-something. Anyway, in my efforts to explore all this world has to offer, I took some personality tests which also give advice on what careers could suit you. I've taken many but the one I found to be the most accurate was this one by human metrics

This test "is based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality" and gives you a result based on 1 of 16 personality types. Anyway, my result was INFJ personality type and in career suggestions for my type is a career in counselling and the more I thought about, the more it just seemed to make so much sense for future me, so it's something that I will definitely be looking into a lot more in the future. 

As for now, me and my boyfriend aren't ready to leave Mallorca so I'm trying to focus on other things. However, I've really fallen out of love with freelancing as a career choice. Finding long-term freelance work with decent pay is hard and you often don't see much for your effort. This means that I've become less and less motivated to go out there and search for more work. 

Last year I worked for this one company (basically full time) and was getting paid per article for my efforts. Anyway, I did as much as I could from what my boss asked from me and it took up a lot of time, but I was happy that I was working even if I wasn't earning a lot. I thought he knew how much of my time I spent working for him, however when he asked me if I wanted to join him full time I realised he clearly didn't see that I was basically already doing so. I didn't even want to imagine how much more he would want from me if I was hired full-time... That's the thing with freelancing and working from home, they don't see how long it takes because you're not sat in some office with them. 

I guess people say similar things about full time blogging when the media suggests that is is an "easy career". I mean it is easy in the sense that it's not as hard as being a nurse or being in the army. However, it's not easy for people to see how much effort you put in it and it's not easy for some people to become as successful as the super-bloggers out there. Blogging isn't hard to do but that doesn't mean it's easy to get a successful career out of it. Becoming a super-blogger is like becoming a popstar, some people have the right look and connections and go straight to the top, whereas others will try and try for years and never make it big. 

I'm seriously okay with where I am right now and the choices I've made. I'm just feeling like I want to start working towards something new, but like I said before, this won't be happening for a good while yet. Which means in the mean time I just need to appreciate where I am now, and enjoy the benefits of living in Spain :D

By no means is this post moaning about my life at all. I just wanted to write about where my head's at right now. I don't tend to live too much in the future and I know things might be completely different in a year's time and I'm very open to accepting that. When I left Uni, I could never have predicted I'd be living where I am now. I've just been feeling a little lost because I know that my pursuit of a career in freelance writing is becoming stale and that soon it will be time to move on from that and I wanted to figure out what my next steps could be. 

P.S. If you take the personality test and you're a fellow INFJ, holler! Apparently we make up only 1% of the population and are the rarest of all personality types... is that a good or bad thing? ha

Also congrats to anyone who actually read all this. Seriously, mucho apreciado!