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26 July 2015

By the light of a setting sun

OUTFIT// Asymmetrical Skirt

Oasap Sunglasses* | H&M Crop | Front Row Shop Skirt* | H&M Shoes (old)

My time in the UK is nearly up as I fly back to Mallorca tomorrow morning! I've been pretty busy since I've been back which I knew I would be so I saved some outfit posts from before I left - however I've not really got round to posting them until now...

Since I last posted (which was about an event I went to in Bristol) I've been to London visiting a friend, I've done the rounds seeing family and yesterday I went to my friends wedding which was lovely! 

I've really put my freelancing work on the sidelines which I wasn't planning on doing but hey ho it's not every week that I'm back here! 

Ways I've Worn This Skirt Before:

Charlotte Harvs

23 July 2015

All-in Kitchen Bristol ~ Poker & Food Pop Up

On Monday night I was invited to a pop-up event in Bristol at Pata Negra, a Spanish tapas restaurant. When we entered the restaurant me and my sister grabbed some poker themed cocktails and made our way to a poker table with some of the other guests. Our hosts were very accommodating and explained the rules of poker to those who hadn't played before as well as giving us a list of the hands to help us out while we were playing. We played three hands of poker and I was very lucky and won :D

The main attraction to the night is that if you have the most chips at the end of the three hands, then you get your three course meal for free! The runner up and third place also get money off their meals (£10 & £5). However even if you don't win any money off, the meal is only £18 and it was delicious!

Tickets are free (you can book them here) and the event goes on from the 27th - 29th of July in Bristol. However they will be travelling around other cities so keep an eye out! Me and my sister had such a good night and the poker (along with the cocktails haha) got you talking to the other guests so it's a great way to meet new people and just have a fun night that has a different twist to it!

You don't gamble any money, so you can't lose anything as it's all a bit of fun really! I actually didn't expect to enjoy the evening as much as I did and I would genuinely recommend it to anyone whether you've played poker before or not!

Charlotte Harvs

16 July 2015

Mind is a Razor Blade

OUTFIT// Button Down Shirt-Skirt

Forever 21 Hat | Missguided Top | DIY Check Shirt-Skirt | Newlook Strappy Sandals

I'm heading back to the UK on the weekend. I'm only going for ten days and I have a good few things planned which is cool. Please remind me I actually have to do work as well though!

This outfit is actually a repeat offender from one I blogged about last year or the year before... and I thought it deserved to be reblogged just because I lave it...!

Charlotte Harvs

8 July 2015

Be The Best Version Of You

OUTFIT// Khaki & Monochrome Floral Print

Forever 21 Top | Oasap Shorts | Primark Sliders

In most circumstances, we can't change the core of who we are and nor can we change our past or the actions of those around us. What we can do however is focus more on being the best version of ourselves. Over the past few years I've come round to accept more of who I am and how I am different to others and how what makes me happy differs from other people too. We all want different things and we all fight different battles. I think that accepting that in yourself and in others will help you become more at peace with yourself. True success is being able to live your life your own way and you shouldn't feel like you have to conform to someone else's ideals of how they think life should be lived! Although, you should still be open to new ideas, after all how can you be the best version of you if you aren't willing to change and progress?

It's been silly hot here in Mallorca, we're talking up to 38 degrees, so this is a simple beachy day kind of outfit! I'm in desperate need of some new sandals/sliders as my primark faithfuls are wearing away and even rusting... haha. I'm liking the look of these Esprit leather sandals (here). Living in a hot country it's important to invest in good sandals that don't look like you've had them for years after only a few wears... when will I learn?

Charlotte Harvs

4 July 2015

What I've Bought Recently

ASOS Top With Wrap Front £18 £9
Just some things I've ordered recently from ASOS, most of it being half price in the sale, woop! Adios for now amigos!

Charlotte Harvs

30 June 2015

embrace the glorious mess that you are

OUTFIT// Striped Maxi Top

Noisy May Longline Kimono | Stradivarius Sleeveless Maxi Top £6 | New Look Denim Shorts | H&M Metallic Sliders | Oasap Sunglasses*

Hey guys, so the last couple days I've felt pretty lost with everything that's gone on recently and even had a little cry about the recent passing of two bloggers -- but of course, the recent events aren't at all about me and my feelings are pretty insignificant in this situation! My heart really does go out to all their friends and family.

I was a regular reader of one of the girls blogs and both of their passings were a great injustice. They had so much more to give. I have been feeling grief, and also guilt for those moments that we all have when we lose perspective on what really matters. 

"If we all understood that everyone has their own battles to fight, insecurities to face, loves to contend and goals to attain, the world would be a gentler place."

I'm not going to vow to always grab every moment, as in life we are all justified in having our own ups and downs however small they may be. What I really think is a waste of time is when we are so hard on ourselves. If you're having a bad day and you want to get in some comfy clothes and eat chocolate whilst watching the worst guilty pleasure film, then let yourself do that, because why the heck not?!

We don't have to be on top form every day and be the person always doing something or always going somewhere, sometimes you just gotta be and stop worrying so much about what ever it is we think we should be doing. 

Charlotte Harvs

24 June 2015

5 times when having a smaller blog is better

- Your blog can change with you 
Generally if you have a large, dedicated audience then when you want to switch things up, you inevitably end up aggravating some people. This is largely because a large audience will get attached to the way you were doing things when they first started following you -- and if your personal style or lifestyle changes, a large audience might start complaining that they miss the "old you".

Personally, I like the thought that my blog is not about pleasing my readers (sorry haha) but about my life and when it inevitably changes then my blog will to. Maybe I'll lose some readers when I start blogging about maternity clothing when in a few years I want to have kids but maybe I'll gain some new ones, who knows!

- You get less creeps
I've had a few creeps find my blog via twitter and instagram (which you can block them on, but it's harder to block them from your actual blog...) and I'm just glad that I don't have to deal with them as much as bigger bloggers who are much easier to stumble upon than little old me!

- You get less trolls/negativity
We all know it, you get 8 million followers and you'll get about half a million haters, or something along those lines... Do you really want a big blog when that's the price you have to pay?? You'd need some pretty thick skin not to be bothered about the people who pick apart your life and appearance, pointing out "flaws" you never knew existed.

- It's easier for you to connect to your readers
Yeh people love to follow people who live their dream lives and have unlimited clothing budgets but there is also a lot of us who like to read blogs where we can really connect with the blogger on a more relatable level. I feel like I have better connections with bloggers who live similar lives to me more than those whose life looks more like one out of a magazine. I feel like you can really tell when people take blogging too seriously and are just focusing on getting more readers and it's a bit off-putting.

- It's easier to maintain 
I don't have a photographer and a fancy DLSR but I do have a tripod and a point and shoot which means I can just pop onto my balcony and take photos when I have a spare bit of time. I couldn't be arsed taking a suitcase of clothes to find some new scenic backdrops and have people gawp at you as they walk past. I just couldn't commit to that, fair enough if you do -- and I'm sure your blog looks awesome for it -- but that's just not me (...even if I do get a bit jealous of their gorgeous images at times, I just feel super awkward having someone else take my photos)

So yeah, sometimes I do get blog or social media envy but then I remind myself of these 5 things and often that makes me feel a lot better about not attracting thousands of readers! Are there things you like about having a smaller blog?

Charlotte Harvs

18 June 2015

do what is right, not what is easy

OUTFIT// Split Maxi Skirt & Crop Top

Boohoo Crop Top | H&M Split Maxi Skirt | Primark Sliders

My boyfriend has some friends coming to stay this week and then when they go we will be moving house (three doors up the road ya know). Then we have Tom's mum come stay, then I'm planning on heading back to the UK for my friends wedding... it really is going to be a busy summer this year with another two weddings and a hen do to attend after that. I can't really afford the 7 flights to the UK and back (during the expensive peak time eurgh) but we'll seeeeee cuz I really do want to go.

This outfit is super quick, easy and comfortable for hot days when you don't want to be parading round in shorts, and instead fancy something breezy and light. This crop top is cheap and the perfect length for someone with b00bs, I just hate ordering a crop and it comes up too short.

See how I've styled this skirt before here

Charlotte Harvs

14 June 2015

we would only hold on to let go

OUTFIT// Palm Print Crop & Boyfriend Jeans

ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders (old)

So let's see... what have I been up to... Well last Friday evening I went to a Wedding BBQ party thing where we all dressed in white bar the bride. Before that just mainly chilling out, watching films, ordering Thai food, went for lunch at a beach side restaurant near our old turf in Palmanova and inevitably did some work stuff too. 

Now to the outfit, it's a cool evening here in Mallorca so I paired a palm print crop top with some ~actual~ boyfriend jeans (they were too small for him, too big for me, but a belt helps) Finally finished the look with a longline kimono which I loooove and some casual and comfy birk style sandals.  
Charlotte Harvs

9 June 2015

forever 21 wishlist

Forever 21 is a great place to experiment with different styles as it's so cheap! Also normally the quality is always pretty decent. I really want a longline vest jacket and a pair of culottes... which pieces do you like the best? 

Charlotte Harvs

5 June 2015

let's rewrite an ending that fits

OUTFIT// Crop Top & Snake Print Shorts

Fashion Union Crop Top £4.50 | River Island Snake Print Short £9

Since my friends left a week ago, I've spent a lot of time alone. And that's okay. I actually quite enjoy my own company. See I work from home and Tom works pretty much everyday. We will go out once or twice a week but sometimes he goes out without me, and that's okay too. People ask me, do you get bored being by yourself so much? I couldn't do that. I honestly answer that I rarely get bored by myself unless it's been a long stretch where I can get lonely. See being alone and being lonely are two different things. 

Sometimes I even feel like I haven't had enough time alone. How introvert of me. Don't get me wrong, I love being around my friends and family, but being alone gives me freedom to do whatever I want without having to worry about anyone else.

Things I like doing by myself - reading, listening to music in bed, painting, watching whatever film I want to, catching up on the soaps without anyone moaning about how terrible the story lines and acting are (Hollyoaks, Corrie, Easties you know the drill), playing The Sims 4... 

Thing's I don't like doing by myself - going for a walk, cooking for one, going for a few drinks down the pub

But I will be honest, sometimes the idea of just not having people around gets to me. Not having someone randomly pop in for a cup of tea or a last minute pub sesh or a lunchtime coffee. But then again I'm lucky because working from home means I have the flexibility to fly back to my hometime for a couple of weeks or have people come stay with me. Also, sometimes Tom does pop back and we go out for lunch and we do have friends in the next town, so overall I can't complain.

Besides I don't really know many other people who are as flexible workwise as me, so even if my friends and family all lived on the same road I'd doubt I'd see them that much more... I even think I probably see more of them living in different countries because the time we do spend together is normally for much longer. I think if I spent 40 hours a week in an office or the likes then I would probably feel like I see people just as much as the average joe, it's just one of those things people who work at home face I guess. 

Are you someone who appreciates some time alone? 

Charlotte Harvs

2 June 2015

we were bold and young

OUTFIT// Bodycon Lace Insert Midi Dress

Boohoo Dress | H&M Shoes

Hola! This is an outfit I wore over the hen when we went out for a meal one evening. We went to Pirates Beach Bar & Grill and the food there is just awesome. We all joined the bride and mother-to-be-again with her virgin cocktails and had a lovely evening listening to the live music which was a guy on his guitar singing all sorts of great acoustic covers. People can slay Magaluf - and with good reason as there are definitely certain places I'm not a fan of going - but along the beach front you can find lots of decent restaurants and bars such as the one we went to which all have very chilled vibes! Naturally the media will only show you the worst bits of a place to get your attention and it can live up to it's reputation, but I like the fact that I live a 20 min drive from it - as there are definitely some great places if you know where to go and what to avoid.

Charlotte Harvs

30 May 2015

the fear of failure

The hardest part of life is realizing how simple it is.
Danial Graves

It's been over a week since I posted last and I don't have the motivation today to take photos of the outfits I've worn over the last week so I thought I'd do a little lifestyle post instead. If you read my last post you'd know that I had three friends come stay with me and we celebrated a hen for one of them.

We had a great extended weekend, we went to the Pirates Reloaded show which was full of amazing acrobatics, we went to the beach, we got dressed up as mermaids and headed to the 5th best club in the world, we chilled some more and ate good food, and on the last day we went to Marineworld to watch the dolphins.

So on the night of going to the big club, after a few drinks, we ended up getting onto the subject of life  - at which point I said that life is incredibly simple and we make it so complicated. By simple, I don't want it to be mistaken as "easy". Life certainly isn't easy.

Life is hard, it's out of our control and everything can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye. But once you accept this, it all becomes so much more simple. We don't have control over what might happen tomorrow, so why do we act like we do? We only have control over who we are and what we're doing right now.

When you stop fighting things and just live, breathe and try your best to treat people right, life just flows. It's that simple.
Dau Vouire

There are many obvious benefits of succeeding but also many benefits of failing. Knowing failure, real failure, can make us see what really matters. One of the greatest fears in this first world country is failing, yet when you fail, you are free because then you have little to fear. J.K. Rowling once said, "rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life." She admits she failed, she had nothing to her name, yet from that nothing she built something so amazing that people dream of being as successful as her.

Accepting that in one moment you can have the world given to you and also taken away from you no matter how much you've tried to stop it, leaves you free to focus on living the life you want, not living your life in according to your fear of failure. Fear can be a good motivator, but it's not something you should let rule you.


  • Forgive yourself for your mistakes
  • Accept that, sometimes, we all need help
  • Know that it's okay to not always be okay
  • Don't let other people's definitions of success control what you want to do
  • Be who you want to be, not what others want to see
  • Don't accept the safe choices just because others want you to
  • Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big
  • Just because something is important to other people, doesn't mean it has to be for you
  • Learn to let go of what wasn't meant to be
  • If you're not good enough today, it means you can be better tomorrow
  • If things were any different or if you were someone else, you wouldn't have what you have today
  • Focus on the things you can control, not on those that you can't 
  • Tough times will make you stronger, always remember that
  • Spend time with the right people, not those that bring you down
  • Care and attend to other people's problems, but don't let them consume you
  •  Things are not perfect, people aren't perfect, you aren't perfect 
  • Take time to step outside of yourself and see the bigger picture
  • Money, jobs, houses, possessions that can be gained, can also be lost, and when you lose them they can be gained back -- friends, family, experiences are only here in the now
  • Don't live in excess, make sure the things that you have bring you joy
  • Accept that you can't do everything and that you need to prioritise what's truly important to you
  • Prioritising can involve making big sacrifices, some that might mean putting others above yourself - do it, because those people mean a lot and the decision is simple, hard but simple
  • Do less and take the time to just be, you don't always have to be busy
  • Slow down and live in the moment rather than focusing on what's next
  • Know that you will pick yourself up no matter how far you fall

I know life is hard and I've seen people close to me hit rock bottom and struggle to find their way back, but most of the time they've struggled because they've let their failure consume them rather than strengthen them. Feeling like a failure can lead you down some dark paths, and in no way am I saying it's easy to climb back out.

Success is not final, failure is not fatel; it is the courage to continue that counts
Winston Churchill

It's scary to think of having nothing. Of hitting rock bottom. The way I see it is, we can't live life trying to avoid failure because it can happen to us no matter what we do. They say a good job will equal success, but jobs can be taken away from you. They say being a stay at home parent or trying to follow a pipe dream will lead you to being left with nothing, but you can also get everything you've ever wanted. We just don't know so let's stop pretending that we do. 

All we know is right now. And if you right now want to quit your job and start something new from scratch or if you want to put everything on the line for that career you really want, try not to let the fear of falling stop you. Don't make life much more complicated than it really is by second guessing every bit of it. 

Charlotte Harvs

21 May 2015

hot dang

OUTFIT// Leo Kimono & Khaki Top

Forever 21 Top (new) | DIY Levi Cut-Offs | H&M Sliders (new) | WalkTrendy Kimono*

It's the weekend of the Hen and I have three friends coming to stay with me here in Mallorca. One of them is pregnant (the bride to be), another is a vampire in regards to sun exposure and the other has a broken ankle... we will be an odd bunch on the beach for sure! We are all friends from school and it's the first time we've been away together in years, so we are all looking forward to it very much :D Have a good weekend yourself guys! 
Charlotte Harvs