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Twenty-Fifteen Part One

So I've kind of missed the yearly half way mark with this one haven't I? I guess I'm gonna say that thing that everyone says all the time... boy, didn't August come around quick?! Last weekend I headed to Dublin for a hendo, and now I'm in my hometown for a week and going to a (different friend's) wedding this weekend! Then it'll be September when I'm back home and summer will kind of be over! However September and October in Mallorca are always really nice, the intense heat starts to cool down and it's that perfect weather where you can actually layer a bit rather than wanting the least amount of clothes on possible heh

Anywho, onto the post, here are my outfits from the first "part" of 2015! So far 2015 has involved moving to our lovely new house, adopting our neighbours cat, three hen-dos, one wedding (with two more soon), lots of friends and family visiting, beginning to overcome my fear of driving, drinking cider and having BBQs on our beautiful balcony on warm evenings, picking up the paintbrush again and getting slightly addicted to Sims 4 - alongside lots of yummy meals out, days at the beach, enjoying the pools that came along with the new house, visiting the beautiful city of Palma, visiting London, the odd paddle boarding session and a few nights out.

Hope you've enjoyed 2015 so far and that the year only gets better - and also, a big thanks for visiting my blog guys, it really means a lot!

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ASOS Basics & Wardrobe Staples





I really love these three outfits made up of pretty basic and staple pieces. These are the kind of outfits I like to wear on days where I don't have the time or the energy to think about what I want to wear and what looks good.  Plain top + great denim + accessory = winner outfit

Taking one day at a time

OUTFIT// Khaki Midi Dress

So we probably all have a list of things we want in life. A secure job, loving relationships, nice house, nice car and so on. Sometimes thinking of all those things can be quite intimidating. Rather than thinking about all these things I've yet to achieve, I'm trying to narrow it down to what I can do today to get me one step closer.

Well I might not be buying myself a car anytime soon, but I can at least learn how to drive right? Yes I'm going to be 25 in less than 6 months and I still haven't even attempted to drive a car... Well until the other day that is... I finally (after a good few tears) put my anxieties and fears aside and actually took my first step to learning to drive. I didn't do much and I'm so far away from passing a test, but I took a step, and for today that's enough for me.

Oh yeh and today I dyed my hair back to brown. So far not regretting it even if it's a little (massively) patchy oops

Minimizing Your Life As Well As Your Wardrobe

Minimalism has been a huge trend in the fashion world, and it's something I'd like to apply more to my own wardrobe. Minimalist fashion is all about saying more with less. It's about being more selective of what you buy and not over-doing your style.

I have also been thinking that whereas this is good advice for your wardrobe, it can also be applied to your life too! Be more selective over what you are doing, what you think about and not over-doing it!

Here are some tips I have found helpful when it comes to minimizing your life;

- Stop using busy as an excuse 
It often seems like our society says "busy = productive" and "productivity = success" which equates to "if you're busy all the time then you're a success" right? Wrong. We don't need to be busy all the time and often we use being busy as an excuse when really we should be honest with ourselves that what we are "too busy" for is actually something that is just not our priority right now.  Which is fair enough, we all have priorities. It's just time we face up to them and are honest about them.

- Avoid clutter
Tidy house, tidy mind! It's so true that having a messy house or room can definitely impact on you negatively. How much of the stuff that you have lying around do you really need? Try storing it away in boxes and just see how long those boxes end up going untouched.

- Don't pressure yourself to be productive all the time
I know a lot of people who work full time and are trying to blog full time too, which is great, but you need to give yourself a break! Literally! You need a couple of hours everyday to recharge. Putting too much on your plate is only going to stress yourself out. Rather than focusing on several things at once, try settling for just one task at a time. You don't need to do everything or achieve everything all at once. The best things are worth taking time over.

- Hold off the phone
Instant notifications have created some sort of unnecessary false urgency that keeps us distracted living inside some little internet bubble. Turn off your notifications and let it be you who decides when to check twitter and not twitter! Log off and truly try and relax without checking your phone every ten minutes. Personally I like to turn off my internet when I'm out and about, only using my phone to take a few pictures.

- Sort out your beauty products
Having too much stuff can actually be stressful even if you don't realise it. Try using up old products before buying anything new or give away what you don't use to friends and family. Imagine how refreshing it would be to start your collection all over again? Instead of thinking you'll get this feeling by constantly buying new products, instead try wheedling down your collection until you can practically buy a whole new collection - guilt free! My personal beauty goal is to hold off buying any new lipsticks and nail varnishes until I have used more of them up!

- Sort our your wardrobe
This would be the toughest for me! I hate thinking about all the money I've spent on clothes just for them to be tossed away. However going through the process of giving away or donating my old clothes has actually been making me more focused on being more selective with future purchases! Again I think about how refreshing it would be to start my wardrobe all over again (I just have to let go of all the dollar I've spent in the past.. and instead focus on my dream wardrobe of the future!)

- Finally, ask yourself some questions before making any new purchases...
Does it fill a gap or just add to an area that is already over-saturated?
And for clothes... can you think of at least three ways to style it with your existing wardrobe?

I truly believe that if we really want to minimize our lifestyles for a happier mentality then we can! What needs to be done is a true sorting of priorities, letting go of past possessions, not rushing the future and taking the time to switch off. 

Of course, this is all personal to me though, some people might think that minimizing your life sounds boring - but for me these steps mean that I enjoy my life more. The future takes time and we don't need to rush it. I assure you that there are plenty of things in my life that are exciting and fast paced ;) Having this kind of mentality simply makes your life more intentional, removing what isn't adding value to make more space for what does.

Largely our problem is that we get caught up in the so-sos of life and don't separate what we actually want from what we feel we should want. My aim is to live with intention rather than allow society, things or other people to dictate my life. If we lose touch with our values, then we end up filling that void with stuff that is ultimately meaningless. 


OUTFIT// Snake Print Top & Denim Shorts

Primark Top, Sunglasses & Sliders | Newlook Shorts 
(all a year or two old now probably)

So really these shorts are probably much too short and show off all the cellulite on the back of my legs, woo! I often end up miss-judging how short a lot of shorts are... I've made a promise to get a little better at that for all future purchases (like maybe trying them on haha) but for now, it's too hot to care. 

On another related note, what is the big deal about having a lot of leg on show anyway? Like they're just limbs like our arms right? No one turns heads if you're wearing a sleeveless top so why legless trousers huh?

One of my favourite things I like about the beach is the fact that we can walk around in what is essentially underwear and that's chill with everyone. You also get to see all types of bodyshapes and realise that lots of women, in all shapes and sizes, have cellulite too. Phew, instagram had me thinking I was alone on that for a moment there!

Don't get me wrong, I know there is a time and a place for parading around in a bikini, but there is something pretty freeing about the beach not judging you for your short shorts and cellulite.

On Overthinking Blogging

I'm an over-thinker. I guess a lot of people who write blogs are too. All my hobbies are do to with escapism. I read, watch films/series, play The Sims, paint and write, as well as take photos of my outfits for this blog- anything to take me out of my own head. Sometimes it would be nice to be the type of person who exercises for a hobby because it gives them time to get into their head, but nope, I need the kinds of hobbies which takes me away from me. 

Blogging hasn't always been a form of escape, as I did go through a time when I over-thought blogging too. I worried about why my instagram wasn't as pretty as other peoples, if my tweets were funny or relatable enough, why I don't get as many comments as I used to and I worried about trying to keep a consistent amount of traffic and how to do that whole SEO thing... 

Well I've come to the conclusion that over-thinking the whole blogging thing as well as overthinking just about everything else in my life is exhausting. It just made me want to give it up, but I realised I didn't have to give up blogging. just the over-thinking it part. So that's what I've done. I've reverted back to the start where I simply write posts, share it a couple of times, reply to my comments and, when I remember, go and visit the blogs of the bloggers who visit me. 

I've stopped myself from worrying about follower counts and I barely even bat an eyelid to how much traffic is coming in on this blog anymore. I value each comment by the individual who wrote it rather than putting a value on the number of comments I receive in total. I don't feel guilty if I only post once a week and I skip past the twitter chats and posts about how to make your blog better which hold the non-existent magic formula to instant blogging fame.

It doesn't bother me if I'm "relevant" in the fashion or blogging world, and my 5 times when having a smaller blog is better post has thoroughly convinced me that I don't want internet fame. I'm actually content (and not only content but happy) with where my blog is right now. I adore the down-to-earth and like-minded people who communicate with me via this blog and I've realised I don't need anything more from blogging than that! The only target I have for blogging now is that rather than over-thinking my own blog, use that energy to get to know you guys better and go visit more of your blogs.

Sorting out this part of my life has actually been quite freeing really. Just coming to terms with what I want from this blog means I don't have to think about it very much, leaving space for me to sort out all the other things I overthink about... It doesn't mean that I don't want to do well in the blogging world, I've just let go of any thoughts of how I should be blogging, and rather just let blogging come naturally and free like how it was for me at the start.

Charlotte Harvs

By the light of a setting sun

OUTFIT// Asymmetrical Skirt

Oasap Sunglasses* | H&M Crop | Front Row Shop Skirt* | H&M Shoes (old)

My time in the UK is nearly up as I fly back to Mallorca tomorrow morning! I've been pretty busy since I've been back which I knew I would be so I saved some outfit posts from before I left - however I've not really got round to posting them until now...

Since I last posted (which was about an event I went to in Bristol) I've been to London visiting a friend, I've done the rounds seeing family and yesterday I went to my friends wedding which was lovely! 

I've really put my freelancing work on the sidelines which I wasn't planning on doing but hey ho it's not every week that I'm back here! 

Ways I've Worn This Skirt Before:

Charlotte Harvs

All-in Kitchen Bristol ~ Poker & Food Pop Up

On Monday night I was invited to a pop-up event in Bristol at Pata Negra, a Spanish tapas restaurant. When we entered the restaurant me and my sister grabbed some poker themed cocktails and made our way to a poker table with some of the other guests. Our hosts were very accommodating and explained the rules of poker to those who hadn't played before as well as giving us a list of the hands to help us out while we were playing. We played three hands of poker and I was very lucky and won :D

The main attraction to the night is that if you have the most chips at the end of the three hands, then you get your three course meal for free! The runner up and third place also get money off their meals (£10 & £5). However even if you don't win any money off, the meal is only £18 and it was delicious!

Tickets are free (you can book them here) and the event goes on from the 27th - 29th of July in Bristol. However they will be travelling around other cities so keep an eye out! Me and my sister had such a good night and the poker (along with the cocktails haha) got you talking to the other guests so it's a great way to meet new people and just have a fun night that has a different twist to it!

You don't gamble any money, so you can't lose anything as it's all a bit of fun really! I actually didn't expect to enjoy the evening as much as I did and I would genuinely recommend it to anyone whether you've played poker before or not!

Charlotte Harvs

Mind is a Razor Blade

OUTFIT// Button Down Shirt-Skirt

Forever 21 Hat | Missguided Top | DIY Check Shirt-Skirt | Newlook Strappy Sandals

I'm heading back to the UK on the weekend. I'm only going for ten days and I have a good few things planned which is cool. Please remind me I actually have to do work as well though!

This outfit is actually a repeat offender from one I blogged about last year or the year before... and I thought it deserved to be reblogged just because I lave it...!

Charlotte Harvs

Be The Best Version Of You

OUTFIT// Khaki & Monochrome Floral Print

Forever 21 Top | Oasap Shorts | Primark Sliders

In most circumstances, we can't change the core of who we are and nor can we change our past or the actions of those around us. What we can do however is focus more on being the best version of ourselves. Over the past few years I've come round to accept more of who I am and how I am different to others and how what makes me happy differs from other people too. We all want different things and we all fight different battles. I think that accepting that in yourself and in others will help you become more at peace with yourself. True success is being able to live your life your own way and you shouldn't feel like you have to conform to someone else's ideals of how they think life should be lived! Although, you should still be open to new ideas, after all how can you be the best version of you if you aren't willing to change and progress?

It's been silly hot here in Mallorca, we're talking up to 38 degrees, so this is a simple beachy day kind of outfit! I'm in desperate need of some new sandals/sliders as my primark faithfuls are wearing away and even rusting... haha. I'm liking the look of these Esprit leather sandals (here). Living in a hot country it's important to invest in good sandals that don't look like you've had them for years after only a few wears... when will I learn?

Charlotte Harvs

What I've Bought Recently

ASOS Top With Wrap Front £18 £9
Just some things I've ordered recently from ASOS, most of it being half price in the sale, woop! Adios for now amigos!

Charlotte Harvs

embrace the glorious mess that you are

OUTFIT// Striped Maxi Top

Noisy May Longline Kimono | Stradivarius Sleeveless Maxi Top £6 | New Look Denim Shorts | H&M Metallic Sliders | Oasap Sunglasses*

Hey guys, so the last couple days I've felt pretty lost with everything that's gone on recently and even had a little cry about the recent passing of two bloggers -- but of course, the recent events aren't at all about me and my feelings are pretty insignificant in this situation! My heart really does go out to all their friends and family.

I was a regular reader of one of the girls blogs and both of their passings were a great injustice. They had so much more to give. I have been feeling grief, and also guilt for those moments that we all have when we lose perspective on what really matters. 

"If we all understood that everyone has their own battles to fight, insecurities to face, loves to contend and goals to attain, the world would be a gentler place."

I'm not going to vow to always grab every moment, as in life we are all justified in having our own ups and downs however small they may be. What I really think is a waste of time is when we are so hard on ourselves. If you're having a bad day and you want to get in some comfy clothes and eat chocolate whilst watching the worst guilty pleasure film, then let yourself do that, because why the heck not?!

We don't have to be on top form every day and be the person always doing something or always going somewhere, sometimes you just gotta be and stop worrying so much about what ever it is we think we should be doing. 

Charlotte Harvs

5 times when having a smaller blog is better

- Your blog can change with you 
Generally if you have a large, dedicated audience then when you want to switch things up, you inevitably end up aggravating some people. This is largely because a large audience will get attached to the way you were doing things when they first started following you -- and if your personal style or lifestyle changes, a large audience might start complaining that they miss the "old you".

Personally, I like the thought that my blog is not about pleasing my readers (sorry haha) but about my life and when it inevitably changes then my blog will to. Maybe I'll lose some readers when I start blogging about maternity clothing when in a few years I want to have kids but maybe I'll gain some new ones, who knows!

- You get less creeps
I've had a few creeps find my blog via twitter and instagram (which you can block them on, but it's harder to block them from your actual blog...) and I'm just glad that I don't have to deal with them as much as bigger bloggers who are much easier to stumble upon than little old me!

- You get less trolls/negativity
We all know it, you get 8 million followers and you'll get about half a million haters, or something along those lines... Do you really want a big blog when that's the price you have to pay?? You'd need some pretty thick skin not to be bothered about the people who pick apart your life and appearance, pointing out "flaws" you never knew existed.

- It's easier for you to connect to your readers
Yeh people love to follow people who live their dream lives and have unlimited clothing budgets but there is also a lot of us who like to read blogs where we can really connect with the blogger on a more relatable level. I feel like I have better connections with bloggers who live similar lives to me more than those whose life looks more like one out of a magazine. I feel like you can really tell when people take blogging too seriously and are just focusing on getting more readers and it's a bit off-putting.

- It's easier to maintain 
I don't have a photographer and a fancy DLSR but I do have a tripod and a point and shoot which means I can just pop onto my balcony and take photos when I have a spare bit of time. I couldn't be arsed taking a suitcase of clothes to find some new scenic backdrops and have people gawp at you as they walk past. I just couldn't commit to that, fair enough if you do -- and I'm sure your blog looks awesome for it -- but that's just not me (...even if I do get a bit jealous of their gorgeous images at times, I just feel super awkward having someone else take my photos)

So yeah, sometimes I do get blog or social media envy but then I remind myself of these 5 things and often that makes me feel a lot better about not attracting thousands of readers! Are there things you like about having a smaller blog?

Charlotte Harvs

do what is right, not what is easy

OUTFIT// Split Maxi Skirt & Crop Top

Boohoo Crop Top | H&M Split Maxi Skirt | Primark Sliders

My boyfriend has some friends coming to stay this week and then when they go we will be moving house (three doors up the road ya know). Then we have Tom's mum come stay, then I'm planning on heading back to the UK for my friends wedding... it really is going to be a busy summer this year with another two weddings and a hen do to attend after that. I can't really afford the 7 flights to the UK and back (during the expensive peak time eurgh) but we'll seeeeee cuz I really do want to go.

This outfit is super quick, easy and comfortable for hot days when you don't want to be parading round in shorts, and instead fancy something breezy and light. This crop top is cheap and the perfect length for someone with b00bs, I just hate ordering a crop and it comes up too short.

See how I've styled this skirt before here

Charlotte Harvs

we would only hold on to let go

OUTFIT// Palm Print Crop & Boyfriend Jeans

ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders | Top UK Fashion Blog Outfit Street Style 2015
ASOS Sunglasses | ASOS Kimono | Newlook Top | Jack & Jones Jeans | Primark Sliders (old)

So let's see... what have I been up to... Well last Friday evening I went to a Wedding BBQ party thing where we all dressed in white bar the bride. Before that just mainly chilling out, watching films, ordering Thai food, went for lunch at a beach side restaurant near our old turf in Palmanova and inevitably did some work stuff too. 

Now to the outfit, it's a cool evening here in Mallorca so I paired a palm print crop top with some ~actual~ boyfriend jeans (they were too small for him, too big for me, but a belt helps) Finally finished the look with a longline kimono which I loooove and some casual and comfy birk style sandals.  
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