19 April 2014

Eye Sea Ewe

OUTFIT// Eye Print Dress

Top Fashion Blog Eye Print Dress Top Fashion Blog Eye Print Dress
Top Fashion Blog Eye Print Dress
Top Fashion Blog Eye Print Dress Top Fashion Blog Eye Print Dress
I'm sure a lot of us have seen that zara eye print dress? Well this one obviously isn't an exact dupe as it's a completely different shape and material -- but I still really like it and personally I find the eyes on this dress a little less creepy than the ones on the zara one! 
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16 April 2014

Lime Crime


Top Uk Bloggers Neon Lime Yellow Playsuit Top Uk Bloggers Neon Lime Yellow Playsuit
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Red Label Lime Playsuit With Trim* | Missguided Metallic Block Heels
I had an awesome week with my friends when they came to visit! I took the week off work and the weather was so nice that we spent all day on the beach, and spent the evenings having cocktails and eating yummy food. Even though I do live in a holiday destination, it's not very often that I can just take the whole week off and enjoy it with friends :) 

I chose this gorgeous lime playsuit from Red Label and it's perfect for an evening out here in Mallorca -- as it makes your tan look extra taaan. I adore the detachable neck trim and flattering fit.

10 April 2014

Dusk and Summer

OUTFIT// Evil Twin Space Muscle Tunic

I've also worn this tunic here

5 April 2014


OUTFIT// Bodycon Dress & Strappy Wedge Sandals

H&M Dress | H&M Shoes
Dress rehearsal of what I'm going to be wearing on a night out with friends when they come visit next week...excited much!!! Being working a lot more than usual this week so I don't have to work as much next week. Really hope the weather stays nice like it is today here in Mallorca, it's been thunderstorms, overcast and rain the past week! However, today finally feels like the start of the tourist season, which means my town starts to feel alive again! The restaurants, cafes and shops are all finally starting to reopen for the season so hopefully this place will stop feeling like such a little ghost town... 

A little nod to this gloriously cheap dress from H&M. I bought a similar one in black a few years ago which I looove so I knew I had to buy this one! I posted about that LBD back in Sept 2012 here I just wish I was that tanned again...

1 April 2014

Make A Difference

OUTFIT// Unposted x2

Two different outfits, two very similar hairstyles...I'm still trying to get used to my new camera so these images didn't quite come out as I would have liked... but heck they're not as bad as my older ones, just too dark, so I thought I'd post them anyway.