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It's Good To Be Lost In The Right Direction

OUTFIT// Levi's

H&M Cropped Jumper | Men's Levi Jeans

Loving army green and khaki shades so when I spotted this ribbed knit cropped jumper in H&M I picked it up straight away. I decided to pair it with some men's jeans that were given to me. Simply rolling up the cuffs on men's jeans instantly makes them more female friendly in my eyes, especially if you had a belt to highlight yo' waist. I have had much love with baring ankles this year whether it be baggy boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans alike! 

I'm getting back into my routine again, slowly but surely. I'm waking up earlier, making sure my articles are finished in good time, getting back on the ol' exercise bike etc. I still feel a little lost sometimes with what I'm doing and where I'm heading, but don't we all? It's so easy to compare yourself to other people and where they're at. However I always try to remember that if I was them, then I wouldn't be me. Meaning I wouldn't have all the things I love about my life like my boyfriend and family, my passions and ideas.

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” - Alan W. Watts


Black & Blue

OUTFIT// Black Button Down Skirt

Zara Plain Black Tshirt | Stradivarius Button Down Skirt (£17.99) | ASOS Blue Velvet Boots

When I spotted this skirt in store, it was exactly what I'd been looking for - plus it was a great price too! Only trouble is there were only two left and both a size too big for me. However I tried it on, and it wasn't tooo bad... hey it left plenty of room for food babies and I could always wear a belt... so I caved and bought it. I'm thinking I should have worn a belt with this outfit now as it does look a bit ill-fitting but ah well, I will for next time. (Of course they have it in my size online, so typical...)

Me and Tom have eaten out the past three nights, sea food restaurant, curry house and last night my favourite thai place - oops, we've vowed to cook for the next week at least... I've also had a bitchin headache so I've dwaddled away the days watching the first two seasons of The Killing at a super low volume until the painkillers finally kick in around evening time. I'm hoping it'll be gone by tomorrow as it really doesn't add much enjoyment when you're trying to enjoy your weekend!


A Tale Of Two Shoes

OUTFIT// Nude Rib Knit Dress

Forever 21 Fedora | ASOS Sunglasses | Missguided Rib Knit Dress £12 | Missguided Sliders £10

So unfortunately it looks like these sliders are going to be sent back - after wearing them for a whole day shopping it got to the point where one of my shoes was rubbing really bad. I thought maybe they just needed breaking into yet I still found it weird how it was only one foot... Well it turns out that upon closer inspection I noticed Missguided had accidentally sent me odd sized shoes. Yes, the shoe that had been rubbing my foot real bad was actually a size to small, so no wonder aye! And the odd shoe story doesn't end there... Upon discovering I was wearing odd sized shoes, I thought it the perfect occasion to buy a pair of trainers that I'd had my eye on so I could wear them home as I was kind of looking like I was walking with a limp at this point. So I bought this lovely black pair that felt like I was walking on clouds. I put them on straight after buying them. Then, when I was sitting down waiting for the bus, just as the bus was pulling up, I realised that my shoes were once again, odd. Not odd in size this time, but odd in design. Despite both trainers being all black with a white sole, I noticed one of them didn't have that pull tag thing at the back to help out them on, next I noticed the logos were slightly different and soon the trainers looked so different it was hard to believe how I had not noticed before. Sigh. 


Procrastination Guilt

OUTFIT// Tie-Dye Denim Jacket

ASOS Denim Jacket | Zara Striped Crop | Motel White Denim Skirt 

If I've been looking extra scowl-ey in my past few posts, blame the bright sun.. yeah there is a good reason I wear sunglasses a lot of the time, don't ask me why I didn't put them on this time... Maybe it's because I liked my eyebrows okay??

Okay so recently I have been in major procrastination mode! It really has gotten stupid how much stuff I've been putting off doing. I've been blaming my recent trips to the UK and a summer full of friends and family visiting disrupting my routine.. however I think it's gotten to the point where I've got to admit that if the motivation was there, those "disruptions" wouldn't have got in the way. So when the disruptions to my routine fail me as a valid excuse, I turn to using the excuse of some sort of writer's block. When what you do stems from your creativity and that creativity is running a little dry, it can be hard to find the motivation to search for something that will reignite your passions. But then again this could just be laziness on my part.

Does anyone else go through that viscous circle of procrastination > laziness > guilt for being lazy  > to more procrastination? I mean, I'm so fortunate to have as much time as I do because I work from home. I gave up my retail job in the UK to support my boyfriend making it as a professional golf coach here in Mallorca and in return he helps support me in my dreams that result in unpredictable pay days and the odd bout cabin of fever... Not many people have that kind of opportunity and sometimes I feel like someone else could do so much more with it than me.

I know I don't lack the drive for my ambitions, and I know that it's okay to not always be work work work, but I do think I need to get my bum in gear and go out and find that motivation rather than waiting for it to find me! Sometimes looking through my old work helps, revisiting articles I've written that I'm really proud off makes me want to write more like that. Anyway, I don't want to sound spoiled, this little ramble is not me complaining about my life, it's me telling myself it's time to stop making excuses! After all, this is my livelihood we're talking about...

What do you do when your creative juices are running dry, and that break you took to replenish is lasting longer than you hoped?



OUTFIT// Floral Culotte Shorts

Zara Tee | ASOS Shorts | H&M Sliders

I'm currently in my hometown at the moment, I spent last weekend in Dublin for a hen which was fun and I have another hen out in Bristol tonight plus a wedding on the weekend (along with a birthday celebration last night and another tomorrow!) So I've got plenty of plans to say the least! Will be flying back home next week and will have three weeks with no plans to just chill before heading off again.

This outfit is obviously from the other week.. I'm clearly not one of those bloggers that plan outfits then go and find a location and have a little photo shoot (props to you guys) but I do tend to get in the swing of taking photos of my everyday outfits (or outfits I've worn out but then didn't have time to photo) so that when I know I'm going to be busy for a bit, instead of posting them all at once I spread them out  ^-^ Anyway, I love these shorts, so so so comfy and cuteeeee.


Twenty-Fifteen Part One

So I've kind of missed the yearly half way mark with this one haven't I? I guess I'm gonna say that thing that everyone says all the time... boy, didn't August come around quick?! Last weekend I headed to Dublin for a hendo, and now I'm in my hometown for a week and going to a (different friend's) wedding this weekend! Then it'll be September when I'm back home and summer will kind of be over! However September and October in Mallorca are always really nice, the intense heat starts to cool down and it's that perfect weather where you can actually layer a bit rather than wanting the least amount of clothes on possible heh

Anywho, onto the post, here are my outfits from the first "part" of 2015! So far 2015 has involved moving to our lovely new house, adopting our neighbours cat, three hen-dos, one wedding (with two more soon), lots of friends and family visiting, beginning to overcome my fear of driving, drinking cider and having BBQs on our beautiful balcony on warm evenings, picking up the paintbrush again and getting slightly addicted to Sims 4 - alongside lots of yummy meals out, days at the beach, enjoying the pools that came along with the new house, visiting the beautiful city of Palma, visiting London, the odd paddle boarding session and a few nights out.

Hope you've enjoyed 2015 so far and that the year only gets better - and also, a big thanks for visiting my blog guys, it really means a lot!

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