30 July 2014

Cute as F#%k

OUTFIT// Slogan Vest Top & Side Split Maxi Skirt

MinkPink Cute as Cara Vest | Forever 21 Maxi & Sandals (old)
For this look I took my oversized cute as cara vest and did the whole tie and tuck round the back, cuz you know, it's summer! Plus it looks better with the maxi this way. I love this top, it's just a bit cheeky and fun, and I've even had a stranger stop me and tell me how much she loved it. I have my family coming to visit so I want to get a good bit of work done before they arrive so I don't have to be working all the time, adios! 
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27 July 2014

Black Summer

OUTFIT// Fishnet Jumper & Mesh Trim Shorts

Sooooo I'm ill! Sneezes, bad cough, headaches the lot... So this outfit was obviously one from last week that I hadn't got round to posting where I'm a lot more chipper. I decided I was feeling the gofik look and paired my black fishnet jumper with my black mesh trim shorts and added a dark purple lip to finish it off. A pair of chunky boots and a handful of rings later and I'm good to go. Oh and not to mention a million plasters as these shoes rub like hell... but with plasters precautions they are just fiiine and make me feel pretty awesome. Today though, I'm just gonna a sleep a lot and try and catch up on some work, adios! 

25 July 2014

Currently Coveting...

1. Esprit* Ankle Boots £55| 2. Esprit Silky Viscose Dress £45 | 3. Sleek Lipstick in Vamp £4.99 |  4. Jerome Russell B Blonde Powder Bleach £3.99 | 5. Makeup Revolution Awesome Eye Palette Nude and Smoked £12

So today I thought I'd do something that I haven't done it a little while, which was to post about some products that I'm currently wanting! I'm not on a spending ban per se, but I have chosen to be incredibly picky to avoid me getting bored of a new thing about a week after I've got it. Which unfortunately happens to me far too for often. So without further adieu...

Ankle Boots: I really do need a pair of simple black ankle boots as mine are look extremely worse for wear! I have a flat pair which are still living, but I want a pair with a nice comfy heel. 
Summer Dress: I'm not really a dress person a lot of the time, unless it's for a night out, but recently I've been reaching for my simple easy breezy summer dresses on days where I've got lots to do as they're so easy to wear and comfortable too. If you know me, you'll know that I also love a good print.
Dark Lipstick: I'm so obsessed with dark lips at the moment and I don't care if it's a fall thing! It's an easy way to add some edge and personal style to a simple summer outfit! (Any recommendations here?)
Bleach... I sent my sister a photo of a hair cut I like (debating to go short again...) the model was blonde though and she was like yes, goo blonde! Now, even though it might look ridiculous, I can't get the idea out of my head.
Even More Eyeshadow: I do already have a lot of eyeshadow, but look at all these colours, and for just £12!!

p.s. I also pop up things I love in the "shop my style" section of my blog every now and again.

p.p.s. I now have a discount code for xirl.com which is where I received the tiger crop top in one of my recent posts. The code is 'os' which will get you 20% off and the site already offers free delivery!

23 July 2014

Blue Suede Shoes

OUTFIT// All Black Outfit With Blue Wedge Shoes

OUTFIT// All Black Clubbing Outfit & Blue Wedge Shoes OUTFIT// All Black Clubbing Outfit & Blue Wedge Shoes
Simple black clubbing/evening outfit featuring sheer and leather textures, jazzed up with a pop of bright blue in the shoes and a bold statement multi chain necklace. Worn with a handful of rings and a blue smokey eye

22 July 2014

How You Should Live Your Life.

This is how you should live your life. You should go to the gym. You should cook home made healthy meals every night. You should keep your house tidy and clean at all times. You should wake up before 7am everyday. You should find someone and get married. You should travel the world. You should read a lot. You should have lots of outdoorsy hobbies. You should have children. You should be a vegan. You should have faith. You should go to University. You should be skinny. You should have curves. You should be a traditional wife. You should be a high-flying career woman. You should live your life how someone else wants you to live it because it's how they want to live theirs.

There is nothing that annoys me more than someone telling me how I "should" live my life. There are only a few things that I believe I should do. I should do what makes me happy, I should look after the ones I care about and I should try to avoid harming anyone including myself.

Of course, I do have other beliefs on how I want to live my life, but none of those things are things that I should do nor do I expect that others should do them, even though a lot of people may want the same things. I want to finish writing my book. I want to have clothes I love. I want to get back to reading as much as I did before uni. I want this blog to grow and be better. I want to be successful in my own right.

Some people believe success is money, some believe this is a career, some a happy family, some writing a book, some becoming famous and some all of the above. Never let anyone tell you that your version of success is wrong. Unless, of course, your version of success is harmful to yourself or others as that is something I cannot advocate...

Going through with what you want to do can be very hard when you're a young adult. As your parents, your grandparents or other people of this age are most likely telling you what you should be doing. And whilst they do have life experience, this doesn't mean they know it all, this doesn't mean that they know what will make you happy.

I am lucky that my parents always told me to do what makes me happy, but still other pressures have gotten to me at times. When it was coming to the end of uni and I was constantly being asked what I was going to do with my Philosophy degree, I started telling people that I wanted to be a teacher and even applied to PGSE courses. Thankfully, with serious thought, I knew that teaching wasn't going to be for me and withdrew my application. I told people, whether they approved of my decision or not, that I was going to take a year out with no pressure and think about what I wanted to do. And that, having the belief that I need not conform to entering a career straight out of uni purely because I was told that is what I should do, was probably one of the best decisions I've made so far.

17 July 2014


OUTFIT// Crop Top, Shorts, Longline Kimono & Leopard Print Boots

OUTFIT// Crop Top, Shorts, Longline Kimono & Leopard Print Boots top uk fashion bloggers 2014 outfit
Noisy May Sheer Longline Kimono | Xirl Tiger Crop Top* | Newlook Shorts (old) | Primark Leo Print Boots (old) 
I've been wanting some sort of long length black jacket thing and when I spied this kimono I thought it would be the perfect way to layer in this hot summer! This crop top was gifted to me by the people at xirl and it's pretty cool right? It's the perfect kind of casual crop top as it's not too short or tight. And of course when it comes to crop tops, for me, wearing something high-waisted is a given. So, I choose my beloved shorts from Newlook which were a fiver on sale and oh so comfortable as they're made from a stretchy denim material. Finally, I thought I'd finish the look with my cute leopard print boots from Primark which don't see enough daylight.