16 September 2014


Zara Scarf | French Connection Dress* | Primark Shoes (new) £12
So yeah, I don't really go to many events seeing as when I'm back visiting the UK in my hometown of Bristol, London is a bit of a stretch. However, me and my sister had some time free so we thought we take a little trip to London to attend the Bloggers Love LFW gifting lounge event. It was lovely and the cupcakes were amazing haha. I wore my new dress from French Connection which is super flattering, my new Primark slip-ons which rubbed like hell and my sisters Zara scarf which served up as a cape and blanket! We got a few freebies and browsed some of the designers who were showcasing their stuff which was cool. We had some time beforehand and we grabbed some lunch, but we had to rush back to get the coach. When I say rush, I meant run... so classy! 
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12 September 2014

Who Knows

OUTFIT// Check Shirt & White Levis

OUTFIT// Check Shirt & White Levis // Top UK Fashion Blog
I'm in the UK visiting my family and friends at the moment which is rather lovely! I'm still kind of having a wardrobe crisis (#firstworldproblems) and hating most outfits I put together. It's a terrible problem I know ;) but maybe when I go shopping this weekend something will jump out at me that will make me get excited about clothes again, cuz you know, it's never nice to lose interest in one of your favourite hobbies!

6 September 2014


OUTFIT// Biker Jacket & Floral Bodycon Dress

Forever 21 Hat | Oasap Dress* | Sammy Jacket* | Front Row Shop Shoes*
We all go through it at one point, that I hate my clothes/hair/makeup etc phase! It's September but it's still in the early 30s here in Mallorca. It's humid and hot, and I hate getting ready in the heat. I'm not sure about my hair now looking at it in these photos and comparing it to my natural darker colour... but I decided I'd go lighter one time in my life, so I might as well keep it for a bit longer.

1 September 2014

Live and Let Die

OUTFIT// Monochrome Look: Black Tee & Floral Shorts

OUTFIT// Monochrome Look: Black Tee & Floral Shorts | Top UK Fashion Blogger OUTFIT// Monochrome Look: Black Tee & Floral Shorts | Top UK Fashion Blogger
Forever 21 Tee | Oasap Floral Print Shorts* | Primark Sliders
I feel like I've been super distracted recently! But I guess that's what happens when summer is coming to an end. You want to go out and enjoy the last few days of sun before it's too late, so your normal priorities slip to the back of your mind.. At the moment, I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going, but I know I just need to take the time to step back and see where things take me without trying to plan it all out. Whatever roads we take now, it doesn't mean we'll be on them for the rest of our lives, so take chances and try to enjoy the uncertainty of where you're heading. If it all goes wrong, it's never too late to pick yourself up and head somewhere new.

21 August 2014

Crop It Like It's Hot

OUTFIT// Sunflower Crop Top

Primark Sleeveless Biker Jacket (old - similar here) | Oasap Sunflower Crop Top* (£11) | Boohoo Mesh Trim Shorts (£10) | H&M Wedge Shoes (£30)
In the process of lightening my hair.. wuuuuut! Yeh you heard me, not gonna show it off til it's exactly how I want it though. Annoyingly my purple shampoo didn't arrive in my order (damn you feel unique) so I had to reorder (naturally from a different site)! Need to calm down some brassiness yo

Onto the outfit.. I'm loving sunflower print and I decided to pair this cute crop top with a pair of super high-waisted, but loose and comfy, black shorts. To cover up a bit more, as the crop is quite tiny, I through on a sleeveless biker jacket vest thing that I got in the primark sale for a fiver like two year ago. Overall, I quite like it but couldn't decide what shoes to wear so I opted for my new wedges from H&M which are pretty damn comfy if I'm going to be honest!